Role of Media in our Democracy

India is a country of diversities with different cultures, languages, caste, creed, religion etc. Over the time we have evolved  by pushing the people forward from each section of the society and giving them opportunities at different level. In this quest the most honest and determined role has been played by media. In our constitution media has been given the position as the fourth pillar  on which our whole country stands and thus has seen this country grow from a close proximity.

Media has always been the driving force of Indian democracy. All the glories which has been  achieved would have been unknown to the general public, if there were no media. Media has ensured that anything which happens around the globe reaches the masses. Over the time, media has also evolved in itself. From being restricted to news papers to radios to a vast electronic form. No one can forget the historical message that our first prime minister Nehru conveyed from the Red Fort on the eve of Independence, or in recent the launch of the successful moon mission by ISRO. Today, if government has to announce anything, the electronic media is the most preferred source because of it’s access and the reach.  And in that doing, social media is enjoying most attraction. It is that powerful branch of media which is even faster than many electronic media sources. And the kind of reach it has, has surpassed any other source. People talk, discuss, enjoy and keep themselves updated through social connections. It is very important to be active on different social media platforms as we get to know the opinions of different people specially the youth of the country.

But as the era unfolded, quite a different picture also maligned the glorious image that media enjoyed. As the reach is very far and commanding, many people has started to use media as the source of spreading foul messages. In the Indian context, many political parties have influenced people by offering false commitments just in order to allure people and increase their vote bank. Be it social or electronic media or any other source, some media personnel just go down in front of power or money or any benefit. Sometimes some media houses have also been accused of leaking confidential news. Deliberately or by mistake these incidents malign the good image that media has built over the years.

So, concluding I believe that media has to play a major role in the development of  democracy. India has been evolving over the years and now an aspiring world power. It is very necessary to make sure that every policy whether related to rural development or FDI investment, scams or medals every message reaches the masses.To know everything is a major right and requirement of the people and a very big responsibility on the shoulders of media and I fully believe that media is very competent to play this role in Indian Democracy.


There was a time when the countries with huge armies ruled the world. With the time the only thing which has changed in the power hungry world is the driving force .Today we live in 21st century. And today one power which makes anyone to rule is DATA.  Data is anything which directly or indirectly helps in planning and deciding on various future steps. It makes you finalize your policies, make decisions and progress in this competitive world.

It is rightly said that data is the oil of 21st century. Before this period, with the growth in industries, the need of energy increased. The countries with  major resources of oil flourished. Every powerful country wanted good relations with these countries to make sure their easy growth . The amounts of data being stored and analysed around the world has surged in recent years. World has become even a smaller place with so much data being available.

Today every country wants to know about every other country. World has fought two world wars and many other wars among themselves. And the learning has been, one with the information before hand ruled. Today the phenomenon like phone tapping has been done at huge levels. There was huge outcry of US tapping many European leaders phone. Even in recent as a taste of its own medicine, US systems were hacked by some unknown sources and the direct pointing is towards Russia. The clear question goes,Today everybody is after everybody! The answer lies in the fact that today information is everything. We live in a world where everything happens so fast that we even cant keep hod of it. In such scenarios the one with most knowledge will always be ahead.

Every country plan for its people, for that they need data. In a country like India, which is a growing economy, we have come across a long road. But still we need to improve on lot of aspects. We are a population of 130 crore people. So in order to plan or make schemes for different people of the country first we need is data, to finalize anything before finalizing or even starting things to know the scope of it. In the business world, many companies have been looking to cash in on the rising demand for data mining.

So the basic crux remains same. Data is the first thing you need to know even to imagine your first step, as oil was in the 20th century, which with all means is even today. Simply as oil made countries powerful in very short span, today the one with the information or rather a well aware person or a country rich on information is well ahead of its peer. So it can rightly be said that data is the oil of 21st century.

Why Shahid Afridi is not Brendon Mccullum!

I still remember the last few matches of Brendon Mccullum. I remember him as a  fearless batsman who batted like a powerful hitter, who can hit any ball. In his ending days he was literally smashing everything coming to him. He was successful in doing so. We all loved him. Now consider the case of Shahid Afridi. Like Mccullum, we all love him. He is like that bomb which is supposed to be very explosive but turns out to be not the one. No doubt, he has won a lot of games for Pakistan and in doing so,he has set and broken many records. But if, he has not showed something in his doing so, is resilience and compassion, the quality to stay there and play till his team wins.

shahid-afridi-2811 (1)

In the cricketing history we have seen a lot of players who come to limelight with some serious hitting, but vanishes with the same pace. Considering that, Afridi has done a phenomenal job. He has been playing for around 20 years now. Coming back from a retirement is never easy. So, overall he has done fine. The problem lies in the fact that Every single time he has come to bat, people believes that he may do wonders. At back of the mind everybody knows he can take his team to the winning side, but then he shatters and bows out. It’s a well known understanding that, you can not hit 10 sixes of 10 balls. But,If you closely examine his batting he seriously tries to do that. On a determinant front that looks like at least he is trying. But, in reality. Not happening.

No wonder that he has hit the most number of 6’s . Obviously in his tryst with destiny for hitting every ball for six, he must have hit like 1 or 2 sixes per match. But if you look to his average,he falls short. At least for  a person of his stature with so much experience, these figures are unexpectable

Having said that, I believe this is going to be the last match of Afridi as they crash out of the world cup. I belive he has done enough for his country. But he could have done a lot better by being little sensible. He had power. He had shots. But with all power and no thinking, this was destined to happen. He is not critisized simply, but because, people once believed in his power. But most of the times he has put them down. I am fan of Shahid Afridi, wanted to see him take them over the line against aussies the other day. But he couldn’t. And a generous suggestion in the end. You could have gathered more liking if you would have shown little sensibility today in your batting, than talking kashmir! Cheers! as you cricketers say! 😀

Five Point Someone

Hey there, long time. Somehow couldn’t write. Just couldn’t get that motivation. :/ Had lot of stuff this year. Really, it has been four strong months, before getting back here. It is very easy to say yourself with words, rather then expressing it face to face. So, the thing that brought me back to blogs, was a strong desire to express myself, Again.! There are stuff that happens to everyone of us in the  most unexpected manner. like Novels, sereously, that has nothing to do with me. But, see i m here to write my, yours , everybody’s life’s certain realities, all based on my connections with this novel, FIVE POINT SOMEONE


Five point someone is a heart touching novel, as one can easily connect to it. Like, it shows how easily everybody thinks of getting pass through their college. It effectively shows how we can do whatever we love in these beautiful days. It makes you think, that studies have never mattered, if you don’t want to and it has least effect on you  and your life. Everybody can live their dreams and have no regrets afterwards.

For instance, the novel begins with the brilliant IIT’s campus and shows the miserable life there. I mean, not everyone gets into IIT, but yes, everybody has this miserable feeling about their college at some point,which changes eventually. It perfectly,shows that even how with all fun and little studying , one can land in at some good place in life. Now, we dont get job easily, especially, if we are from non-IIT, but then, yes by following the being cool policy, you become damn unconcerned  and stress free in your life. It’s so true that there comes a point in your college life, when you choose to study a lot or basically mug to score fantastically, or you stop worrying about anything such and instead start being just awesome. There will be lot of hurdles that you may face by being awesome, but all those are for time being and has nothing to with your ultimate life. You may get haunted at times by the fear of failing. But then, what’s failing ? It’s again, just for time being. Remember all those shit, one test can not decide anything. 

Then, the love connection. That is my personal favourite. Oh man, seriously this man has something to do with the girls.  You can’t deny the fact that in any college life you will have a girl, making and finishing your life thereafter(and destroying your thinking power). Otherwise, who the hell leak the papers to impress a girl! It beautifully touches the point, for what you want, you do whatever she wants.! 😛 

And then ofcourse the ending part. The time, when you get off to your new life, leaving all those crazy stuff behind. Those wonderful four years goes and everybody you always wanted to be with. There are times when you have to leave people, the best people you ever had, most unhappening time in every colloge grads life. This is how it is. When I completed this novel, I was left with this big question that what happened then between these two birds? And for God’s sake, why my college ended? You see, we never realize that it is ending, but it ends. And the time you realize it, is when you write these stupid things. Yeah, I miss those crazy stuff. The life was amazing. Now, the life is okaishh. Like everbody , i also want to be back there someday, with those people and who knows, this time I dont have to leave? See you guyz. Till then be young and have fun!

The strength of feelings

This thing whether you get it or not, is the real core of your life. What you feel is the sole thing which drives your actions. It’s not just your feeling, it’s a hope , a desire to remain in touch, to be their always and to be loved. All these feelings are not just feelings they all define an entire decision making in human life. It is human tendancy to expect a lot of things from others and in this series of expectations you tend to move a lot closer to some people. Yes, there are few people whom you can’t resist, actually you don’t want to resist. Your feeling to decide what is wrong or right is different with these people.You love to hang out with them. Your day is not complete without them. This affection doesn’t comes in a day but, it’s a process which you create over the time and then you try to repeat this pattern, until a strong desire to move forward compels you to be more affectionate or back off.

We all live once. We all have certain incidents which shook us from inside out, and which took our breadth away. We all want to be happy afterall and we try to find this happiness in some other person. Life gives us chances, not many but still many. And then there are certain periods like  now or never, when you decide to speak up everything you got and be released from this extereme trauma. You plan lot of things, but eventually end up doing some different stuff. You will cherish to be the best and do all good and be loved, but this life makes us do some irrelevant stuff and even unknowingly we keep on getting into this trap. And then after a long, comes a time when you realize, your mistakes or even though you may not be at the wrong end but, then you feel that what different things you would have done to save your life from reaching this point. This is just a matter of feelings. Yes, the feelings which you develop for some person, which makes you do all this mess at once, and even knowingly you get along with it.

So, live it freely people. Don’t get bothered by small things. Feel good. I mean yes, feel for others, do all good possible to them, But ultimately don’t get carried away in this so far that you start feeling much more for others, than for yourselves. Remember, true satisfaction comes from inside. So start and try to become that person, which you wish to become, cozz you don’t need any company always, to be happy. Feel freely and amazingly. Be perky and dude. But, have that small  control over your feelings to be happy in a long tun. Feeling Amazingly well.! 😀

After Dhoni Era

M.S. Dhoni retired from test cricket. It came at the time when India already lost the series  and Dhoni’s Captain ship was in certain doubt. The time had come, when selectors had to look for some other option looking to India’s poor performance overseas. So, like a Boss he decided to step aside. Having said that, all together the decision to retire from the most gentle form of the game was  shocking. I mean no one  even  thought about it. So now, what next?

There was a time in 2007, when the most brilliant captain India ever had, Saurav Ganguly was going through a rough patch and Dhoni was seen as the proper replacement for him. He stepped in his shoes and lead India superbly to the No. 1 spots in Test’s , ODI’S and T20’s. Till 2011 world cup everything seemed so glorious under dhoni. Anything which he did, was giving results and Dhoni was certainly on the peak of his career.

Then came the after 2011 phase of Dhoni’s career , when India lost 11 of the 13 tests it played abroad. Blame was put on India’s ruthless attack, which lacked shine.. which is true to much extent. But somewhere Dhoni was unable to show  the same success to Indian Fans and with the expectations very high, he ultimately failed to give outputs in tests.


So again, what next? Dhoni retired, What does that mean? First of all, all the youngsters who left the thought to become India’s wicket-keeper someday, can put back their gloves on. Secondly, Ishant sharma is now the oldest player in Indian test team. And that sounds horrible to me. Third and most important of all, Who will be the next Test team captain of Team India? Virat Kohli looks like the most prominent answer. But then he is only 30 tests old. Think, in time of crises if he were to discuss strategies with some one, then he may find no one.!! That thought really scares me.

As an Indian Team Fan, I just want that same Indian success story to be repeated. I wish all the luck to Kohli and his youth brigade in whom we all have full faith. I would love to see others too contributing more, rather than depending on two-three players. And last of all, please win that last test, it would be more than a victory, It would be the bombarding entry of this Young Indian team on  world portal. C’mon go on.! 😀