Happy Winter Solstice.. :D

Hey there.. times are changing and we are growing up.That time was fantastic, when we were a mile away from all worries and when life was good and simple, a way simpler than what it is now. People say life is like a bucket full of sand, it becomes the way you mould it. But to be true, it is not so simple. It is like a maths equation, if you happen to solve it anyhow.. you get the answer, you feel free, but if you start in wrong direction or your view point towards it is not the way it should be, then you’ll not get the answer and you’ll keep stressing your mind.Life is simple.. Keep it simple..!

Today is 21st of December. Like all other days, it’s an easy day. You might have done some of your most funky deeds today and you might have enjoyed your day to the fullest or simply slept all long day.. But this night, it’s special. Now, keeping it simply on the line, the night is not only special but the most pleasing for all of us sleep lovers. Today is the biggest night of the year.It is the night, longer than your all other nights of the year. Isn’t it great..? It’s the night of the year. Yes, it may not have been your biggest day today, But in some sense the night is biggest. 

For me it is the night , in which I can sleep extra. I can watch all my TV shows , which were annoyed from me for so long, and kept complaining , as I didn’t gave much time to them, owing to my exams. Guyzz , me too , I missed you terribly.. My movies I’m really very sorry for turning my back to you for some time. But no more Today, it’s just you and I.. in in this beautiful night. Ooh , that’s getting little emotional.. Okk.. you people can plan to roam all night, plan to visit your friend, read, sleep, talk or whatever. There are lots of stuff, you can plan to do.The thing is just Do it..!

It is really very tough to find happiness.. sometime. So, its good to find happiness, wherever you find it. It may be your friends, to whom you keep annoying, which is fun.. I personally love to do that.. Even You can find happiness in the fact that you are the one who can do your stuff in this biggest night.If Im not wrong then this is the day one year ago, when some people predicted that world would end. We all will die. So, Hello.. we lived an extra year according to them. Hurray.. thats something to cheer. Well, thats my way to find happiness in each and everything. Have a positive outlook towards life and life will become your best friend, in which you will always live happily. Have fun .. Be happy.. and enjoy this biggest night..! :*

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